Photography from Panama, Latin America, Motorcycles and Strobist experiments by Leonardo Bracho. 

Fotografías de Panamá, Venezuela y otros destinos. Motos y experimentos "Strobist", de Leonardo Bracho. 



This is my take on the Scott Kelby´s  "Clamshell Look". Only without the large softboxes he uses :-)) . I tried to reproduce the look using what I have have at hand, that is the small Lumiquest Softbox and a flashbender. I placed both very close to the subject in order to get a softer light.  

One Nikon SB-910  Below with a Rogue Flasbender, Power 1/32 Zoom:17mm.
One SB-700 camera top  on a LumiQuest Softbox III Power 1/16 Zoom: 24 mm.
Both strobes are on central axe for a "Clamshell Look" . A third strobe was placed behind againt the wall to get the white background. The back strobe is a Yongnuo YN560-II as a slave.  

@ Leonardo Bracho